Japanese “new economy” fails … because of rain!

Sometimes it is just hard to believe news. Reuters reports that the Japanese government seriously blames the weather for the failing economy. To this, the only response I have is “you must be joking”. But, no, they are serious. The Economics Minister Akira Amari announced that “heavy rain has probably pushed the GDP down by 1.6 percentage points on an annualised basis in July-September“.

What kind of economy is it that can lose 1.6% because of rain? Mind you, the rain happens every year in Japan, it’s sub-tropical. Anyway, this only looks like a feeble “it’s not my fault” outcry from a naughty child. Instead of accepting the fact that the “abenomics” is destroying the economy and causing the country to fail, it is, of course, much easier to blame the weather for the absence of the much touted economic growth due to the so-called “stimulation”.

The article notes that “some economists worry that declines in real wages are the bigger factor behind weak consumption” and I am glad to see that at least some see the situation for what it is. Next, we will see failing consumer confidence and after that – the government will “suddenly” find it difficult to place new debt within the country. And they will probably blame heavy snowfall in Hokkaido for that.

My position on what is happening in Japan is apparent and clear. What surprises me is that serious people in a serious government of a serious country cannot accept responsibility for their own actions. Next, I suppose, they will attempt to simulate or to cause a crisis to blame every bad thing on something else. Anything goes, from an electricity blackout to a terrorist attack when blame must be laid. I am just worried for the people.

Hey, why don’t you grow up and start taking some responsibility? You fly like a hero – you take the blame and die like a hero, right?