Technology vs. People

A well-known expression used an abused millions of times over the history of the mankind says that the weapons do not kill people, other people do. The meaning is, of course, that the knife is just a tool and it is up to the hand wielding the knife to put it to use – good or bad.

In fact, all of the technology is like that. The technology can be put to serve people or it can be used to deceive people. I think that recently most technologies are used to deceive people and more and more technologies and techniques arrive every day that serve this same purpose. They could be put to good use, serving people and helping us on our evolutionary path but, no, they are not. Instead, they are all abused.

I used to argue and fight against such uses of technology (that I consider to be rather abuses) but to no avail. And now I realize that it is no use fighting against it. As Antoine de Saint-Exupery says, you never fight “against”, you always fight “for”. So it is necessary to fight for the proper uses of technology, put all those resources to the service …
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A new era!

Well, this is it, folks! The new era is starting. Although my friend Pete tends to talk about the “end of era”, I prefer to talk about the “new era”. I guess that is the way I live, I am always looking ahead to something more and better. And it is, indeed, a new era with a lot of new and interesting things ahead of me.

So I left the big corporation and my own company has just recently celebrated one year in the background. I guess now is as good a time as any to start off on my own and begin using my company for what it was created – business. I will be placing tidbits of news and thoughts to this site as I go along. Hopefully someone finds it interesting or entertaining.

So, the company is open for business, it is called “Aruberusan” and its website is at

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