Smog alert reality check

The government declared a “smog alert” here today. It will last for a week if anything from the past is an indicator. The purpose of the “smog alert” is to reduce the speed on the roads, especially the highways. Highway speed is limited to 90 km/h on days when “smog alert” is in force.

Local radio just gave a good summary of facts about the today’s situation:

  • The smog is caused by a cloud of particles (pollution) brought to us by wind from the east, it is not originating in the country.
  • The morning traffic jam was exceptional with roughly 400 km of jams covering the country (against the usual 100 km).
  • The number of accidents was something extraordinary as well, although they did not provide specifics.
  • Traffic jams happened even in places that never see traffic jams and without visible cause (like road works or an accident).

Managing a country is similar to managing a corporation, the basic rules are the same. So there is nothing wrong with the businessmen looking at the governmental decisions from the business point of view. What do we have?

The smog was not caused by any internal source in the country. The wind …
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We all know (but not all of us despise) that buzzwords are abound all around us. Especially in the business world, it seems one cannot do a thing without stepping into a leadership (think Dilbert).

Well, it is not only business. I just noticed for real for the first time what is actually written on the aftershave: “oligo-thermal ultra-moisturizer”. Well, it gives an impression of being cool and moisturizing, that’s all I can figure out. The actual meaning? Hmm…

Annoyingly, we understand less and less of what people say and have to hear more and more. The information flow is diluted, the quality of the information exchange is lowered, the time is wasted.

Think about it the next time you want to add those “management sounds” to your presentation, all right?…
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A new era!

Well, this is it, folks! The new era is starting. Although my friend Pete tends to talk about the “end of era”, I prefer to talk about the “new era”. I guess that is the way I live, I am always looking ahead to something more and better. And it is, indeed, a new era with a lot of new and interesting things ahead of me.

So I left the big corporation and my own company has just recently celebrated one year in the background. I guess now is as good a time as any to start off on my own and begin using my company for what it was created – business. I will be placing tidbits of news and thoughts to this site as I go along. Hopefully someone finds it interesting or entertaining.

So, the company is open for business, it is called “Aruberusan” and its website is at

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