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Mr. Albert Zenkoff, M.Sc., MBA, is a practicing manager of the IT industry possessing decades of experience in leading large international projects and people for corporations in Belgium, Germany, Russia and Japan. MBA from UBI university in Brussels. Founder and owner of the consulting company Aruberusan Ltd.

Aruberusan Ltd. is a business design, business management and security consulting company. The main focus of Aruberusan is on creating effectively managed and sustainable businesses that fulfill their obligations for the shareholders in the long run.

Aruberusan Ltd. performs the following consulting:

  • Corporate strategy analysis, consulting and mentoring
  • Crisis management, negotiations and planning
  • Marketing strategy analysis and development
  • Strategic product, roadmap and line-up analysis and planning
  • Standards development, publication and promotion
  • Security and compliance certifications
  • Product security analysis and design
  • Designer and developer security training
  • Common Criteria evaluations and mentoring

For business and technology consulting, security strategy and management training mail albert@aruberusan.com or call +44-20-32904690.